Refurbished Imaging Systems

Refurbished Imaging Systems

Nobody refurbishes medical imaging devices and pre-owned radiological imaging equipment like Classic Diagnostic Imaging. Champions of the “Total Refurb™,” we repair, repaint, retool, and refurbish devices better than anyone in the industry. But these refurbs go far beyond a new paint job. Only Classic offers Lifetime Technical Support on all GE AMX IV/IV+ refurbished systems.

AMXIV and AMXIV+ Wireless Digital

Upgrade your AMXIV and AMXIV+ Portable units into the latest wireless Digital system.

Our non-invasive wireless DR upgrade kit transforms your GE AMXIV and AMXIV+ Mobile X-ray unit from an analog based system to the latest in digital technology. Your patient care is significantly improved with 50%+ lower dose. You will also see a dramatic improvement in workflow efficiency and overall capability with a significant cost savings versus a new digital mobile x-ray.

Wireless 14×17 DR Panel

  • Slim and light-weight in design with built in WiFi and Lithium battery.
  • Electronics hardware with 14-bit signal digitization to provide a wide dynamic range
  • Fully compatible with DICOM 3.0 standard and Windows based platform
  • Various preset image processing modes for different studies
  • Superior Image quality through the technology of VXvue image processing software
  • Preview images can be displayed within 2 seconds
  • Superior wireless communication standard

Storage Bin

  • DR panel storage for 14”x17” and 10”x12” panels
  • DR protective grid encasement storage slot
  • Glove, disinfectant, and additional accessory storage bay so the technician has everything they need in order to provide the most efficient patient care

All-in-One Touchscreen PC

  • Integrated medical grade PC with 3 internal hot-swap batteries for up to 10.5 hours of runtime
  • 19” TFT LCD 1280×1024
  • Windows 7 pro
  • 250GB HDD, Memory 4GB
  • Wireless connection
  • 270 degrees of monitor rotation with our mast-mount assembly
  • HIPAA compliant and meets all hospital network security protocols

Benefits to Upgrading Your AMXIV or AMXIV+ to a DR System

  • Save money by keeping your existing unit in use
  • Low cost on parts and repairs
  • Lifetime parts availability
  • No proprietary OEM service requirements
  • A new digital system costs $150,000 – $200,000
  • On-site Installation and Applications Training Included

General Electric AMX IV & IV+

Total Refurb Specifications:

  • Brakes Replaced
  • Refurbished Column +/- 270 Degree Rotation
  • Refurbished Collimator
  • Refurbished Drive Handle Assembly
  • Refurbished Front Caster
  • Refurbished Base Assembly
  • Refurbished Latch Lock Assembly
  • Refurbished Horizontal Arm
  • Refurbished Drive Motor
  • Refurbished Drive Wheel
  • New Hand Switch

  • New Stator Cable
  • New Main Harness
  • New Mains Cable
  • New High Voltage Cables
  • New Collimator Cable
  • New Coil Cord
  • New Apron Hanger
  • New Batteries
  • New Tube (Optional)

OEC 9800

Total Refurb Specifications:

  • System Painted with 2 Coats of Polane Paint
  • Rear Steering Wheels Replaced
  • Steering Chain is Inspected, Adjusted and Lubricated
  • Horizontal Arm is Recoated and Replated
  • “Molly Coat” Lube is Applied as Needed
  • All Brakes on the Unit are Replaced
  • Cooling Fan is Refurbished and Installed

  • Cable Pushers Replaced
  • Refurbished Footswitch
  • New Castor Wheels and New Bearings
  • New Hardware Replaces all old Screws
  • New Set of Custom Stickers are Applied
  • New Batteries are Installed
  • New Rad 99 X-Ray Tube (option)
  • New 9″ or 12″ I.I. with New Power Supply (option)

General Electric AMX IV & IV+ Collimator

Total Refurb Specifications:

  • Our fully reinforced faceplate is made “better than new”
  • Available for Brivo XR 285 AMX
  • Available for Optima XR 220 AMX

GE AMXIV IV+ Collimator Faceplates FrntBck Refurbished
GE AMXIV IV+ Collimator Faceplate Refurbished

GE Proteus Rad Room

Total Refurb Specifications:

  • Top to Bottom this Rad Room is “Better than New!”
  • All Paintable Surfaces are Sanded, Primed and Repainted
  • All Components Have New Custom GE Graphics Applied
  • Prior To Shipping, Proteus Room is Completely Installed, Tested and
  • Calibrated as a Complete System


  • Refurbished Table Top
  • Reconditioned Table Rails
  • New Collision Switches
  • All Bearings Replaced Wall Bucky
  • Bucky Rails Polished
  • New Cables (2)
  • New Grid Covers
  • All Bearings Replaced with New (18)
  • New Switches

Transverse Bridge

  • All Dolly Bearings are Replaced With New (8)
  • All Bearings are Replaced on Transverse Bridge Mounts with New (10)

OTS Assembly

  • All Bearings are Replaced Including Extension Tube (48) Safety Reel (2), Brake Roller (2), And Goose Neck (4)
  • Refurbished OTS Handle (Guaranteed Not to Break)
  • New Safety Reel, J-Bar and Main Cables


  • Disassembled, Sanded Primed, Repainted and Reassembled.
  • Refurbished Console
  • Tested and Calibrated